Who Will Eventually Win The War Firefox or IE?

Aug 22, 2008

There has been so much speculation and controversy surrounding both of the browsers, that it is quite hard to tell which one will actually end up winning the war, both have there benefits and both have there target markets. But lets just take a closer look.

If I went up to say my sister or my aunty and asked them do you what Firefox is? I would probably get a reply of something like is it a firework. If I then asked the same question and said do you know what internet explorer is I would get a reply of, yes its a browser on which you use to surf the internet. Maybe even if they didn't know they would probably be able to guess by the actual name of the browser. There are two aspects that have made internet explorer the leader in the market. Firstly is the name as mentioned earlier, everyone knows what internet explorer is for and what it is meant to do. Secondly is the fact that most household personal computers come installed with Microsoft windows, which automatically has internet explorer preloaded.

Now lets take a look at Mozilla Firefox, this browser has been growing tremendously, especially with webmasters of all natures. The reason for its unprecedented growth I believe is due to its fast loading times and the option to add a variety of different plug-ins. We all know that the user generated niche is at an all time high, just look at sites such as Digg, Reddit and Myspace they are all global successes and that is exactly what Firefox does. Just look at the growth of face book the reason they have grown so much is simple, they allow users to have total control over every aspect, they can choose who views there profiles who there friends are and most importantly it gives developers the opportunity to develop unique bespoke applications.

All in all I don't think firefox will outrun internet explorer in the near coming future, the reason for saying this is because Internet explorer is still a major brand application and normal users, by that I mean non technical users will not just go and download firefox because they are happy with IE. It gives them exactly what they want the ability to surf and view sites. Until firefox targets the non technical users I believe they will be struggling behind Microsoft for along time.